Did you know that in Argentina 1 hectare of native forest is deforested every 3 minutes? From SIESTA we decided to stop the clock! Together with Banco de Bosques we set the goal of saving one hectare per year!

For each Siesta product you buy we donate 10mts2 of Missionary Jungle.


It is a Foundation that channels the contribution of small, medium and large donors to save the last native forests left in Argentina. The objective is to protect them from clearing to sustain the life they preserve, from the communities to the large number of species of flora and fauna.

Conserving forests, the soil, water, air and biodiversity that inhabit them are conserved. Banco de Bosques offers a georeferenced donation system, which uses satellite images to generate a direct link between the donor and the specific “portion” of the forest that each donor saves.

If forests are destroyed or degraded, large amounts of gases that cause climate change are released into the atmosphere. The most important of these gases is carbon dioxide or CO2, a gas that is present at high levels in trees, forests, animals and nature. When trees grow, they absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and bind to the same carbon and its root system. And when trees die, carbon is released into the atmosphere.

At the moment the forests of the Amazon continue to burn and from Argentina we can maintain the visibility of this problem in social networks to generate political pressure, but if we talk about a concrete action, we have the capacity and responsibility to stop deforestation on our own country.

In our country, one hectare of forest is lost every 3 minutes due to deforestation and the most effective and efficient way to save our forests is through the purchase of these lands and then create new protected areas there.

We will win this battle m2 to m2, tree by tree!


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