We are Siesta Argentina

Siesta creates limited collections of pieces that last a lifetime — purses, backpacks, ruanas and hats.

Siesta Argentina

With the concept of “slow-fashion” and strong values of crafting the artisan way, utilizing noble materials and unique pieces, Siesta was born, a brand with an Argentine heart and international projection.

  • Ponchos y Ruanas

    ARS 155.000
  • Campera Mansa

    ARS 95.000
  • Sombrero Panama

    ARS 45.000
  • Rio

    ARS 72.000
  • Noque

    ARS 66.000
  • Pampa

    ARS 66.000
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We take care of our forest

For each Siesta product you buy we donate 10m2 of missionary jungle.

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